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A treatment tailored to you…

Many people think if they have to wear dentures they must also accept the artificial “denture look”. However, our cosmetic dentures incorporate the latest denture technology to provide natural looking smiles, with the patient being consulted throughout the whole process.

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Teeth are a significant part of our facial make-up. The loss of our natural teeth however, does not mean we have to grin and bear a lifetime of feeling unattractive and uncomfortable.

Seek a denture professional who can recreate teeth to match your standard of satisfaction.

Individuality for all our Patients

Just as there are no two people exactly alike, no two dentures are ever the same. This separates bespoke denture construction from many of the exact sciences; it is a series of procedures and applications of skill and judgement that must be varied according to the patients needs.

We recommend the Gerber Full Denture System from Switzerland, proven dental materials known for durability, comfort and appearance.


Bespoke Denture Construction

  • Dentures that look natural & suit you
  • Dentures that give you confidence
  • Dentures that are the best fit achievable
  • Dentures with a clear, transparent upper palate
  • Lower denture fitted with a permanent comfort base
  • Your upper dentures refitted for improved suction
  • Emergency Denture Repair
  • Free advice on Denture Problems
  • Convenient On-Street Parking

A conveniently located denture clinic in Halifax

We are located on 3 St. James St in Halifax. For more details on cosmetic dentures and implants, feel free to call us on
01422 380 251

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